We are living through unprecedented times. COVID-19 has swept through our nations, communities and our homes, touching each and every one of us and changing the way we live in unimaginable ways. But we know the likely causes of this pandemic, and it's time to end the exploitation of wildlife and wildlife habitats that increases our exposure to pathogens that jump from animals to humans. It's time to make our voices heard. It's time to say enough is enough. Now that our own vulnerability has been laid bare, it's time to demand #ExtinctionEndsHere -- for all life on earth.





  • End actions that increase the risk of future pandemics
  • End the exploitation of wildlife and wild places
  • End actions that exacerbate the extinction and climate crises
  • End the illusion that we are separate from nature


  • Ignore the source of pandemics and count the days until the next
  • Condone the exploitation of wildlife and wild places
  • Rely on fossil fuels and outdated agricultural practices that exacerbate the climate and extinction crises
  • Continue under the illusion that our health is separate from the health of our planet




Join health professionals, conservation organizations, celebrities, and others in a global movement to call on our world’s governments to permanently end the commercial trade and sale in markets of wild terrestrial animals, for consumption, worldwide. The #EndTheTrade Coalition is urging the world’s governments to recognize that this is among the most important decisions that the global community can make to prevent future pandemics and global disruption. Visit the declaration page to learn more about the coalition and other groups that have signed on! Every voice counts.

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I/we recognize that the global health implications of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and the urgency to prevent future pandemics, warrant the permanent end to the commercial trade and sale of terrestrial wild animals (particularly birds and mammals) for consumption. Studies have shown that 71% of all zoonotic emerging infectious diseases in the past several decades have originated from wild animals, with the rest from livestock/domestic animals. As animals move along the wildlife supply chain, from capture site to market, the prevalence and diversity of pathogens rises, increasing the risk of transmission to humans along the trade chain. The occurrence of major outbreaks is increasing in frequency, so urgent action to address this problem is needed.

I/we recognize the global economic implications of zoonotic disease outbreaks, which over the past 50 years have caused hundreds of billions of dollars in economic losses, with significant damage to economies on a global scale. It is already clear that the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to sickness and death, has caused widespread severe economic turmoil and damage to many businesses and individuals around the world, costing trillions of dollars, increasing inequality, and differentially impacting the impoverished. In addition, this COVID-19 pandemic has, and will continue to, impact the poorest communities the most, thus further exacerbating inequalities and setting back sustainable development and poverty alleviation. Indigenous Peoples and the poor with little access to health care services are particularly vulnerable.

I/we recognize the global security implications of zoonotic disease outbreaks, and that the commercial trade in terrestrial wild animals for consumption creates enhanced conditions for the evolution of novel zoonotic pathogens through practices that bring together stressed, injured, and sick animals representing a variety of species from many different places into one area. It is critical to close this trade that creates ideal environments for the emergence of novel pathogens. We must act to prevent another such pandemic through the cessation of the commercial trade of terrestrial wild animals for consumption.

I/we recognize that the global biodiversity implications of the massive commercial trade in terrestrial wild animals for consumption across the world threatens the survival of thousands of species and is compounded by the destruction of habitat and ecosystems on a global scale. It is clear that the current scale and scope of this commercial trade in wild animals is not only threatening the diversity of life on Earth, but also the health of societies and individual humans. It is time to end this commercial trade and protect and restore ecosystems and biodiversity as a critical investment in the future health of ourselves and our planet. It is time for a new paradigm.

I/we, therefore call for the permanent end to the commercial trade and sale in markets where terrestrial wild animals are sold for consumption.

I/we urge all national governments to recognize that this is among the most important decisions that the world community can make today to prevent future zoonotic disease pandemics and global disruption. With this recognition we call on all national governments to:

  1. Enact suitable legislation to permanently end commercial trade and sale of terrestrial wild animals for consumption;
  2. Empower relevant agencies to adequately enforce such legislation;
  3. Develop ethical and equitable transition measures for those whose livelihoods are impacted across the trade chain.

I/we stress that our declaration fully respects the rights of Indigenous Peoples over their lands and resources and does not pertain to subsistence hunting by Indigenous Peoples and local communities for household consumption and/or cultural identity. In other cases where people are eating wildlife only because they have no alternatives then it is recognized that efforts should be made to ensure access to sustainably produced domestic plant or animal foods, which can provide them with a reliable and sanitary source of high-quality food and reduce the risk of exposure to novel zoonotic pathogens.

I/we recognize that many livelihoods are currently dependent on the commercial trade of terrestrial wild animals for consumption around the globe. The people involved in these activities need help to transition to new opportunities. This is especially true regarding the trade of wildlife for consumption that has caused immense negative impacts, including widescale death and disease, as well as severe damage or collapse of most industries and economies around the world.



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Cristina Mittermeier

@mitty // SeaLegacy Co-Founder: Photographer and Conservation Storyteller

“Covid19 is a crisis of our own making. The next Covid can only be prevented if we tackle the problem at the source, and that is to ban the commercial trade of wildlife so that #ExtinctionEndsHere.


Shawn Heinrichs

@shawnheinrichs // SeaLegacy Co-Founder: Filmmaker, Photographer and Conservation Storyteller

"#ExtinctionEndsHere when we decide that we will no longer be complicit in global crisis that is threatening the survival of all species. “

karrueche tran

Karrueche Tran

@karrueche // GWC Ambassador, Actress, Model

#ExtinctionEndsHere when we remember we are not separate from nature, but an integral part of it.
Yovanna Ventura

Yovanna Ventura

@yoventura // GWC Ambassador, Model, Actress

"#ExtinctionEndsHere when we treat nature and wildlife with the same respect that we hope to be treated with."


Paul Nicklen

@paulnicklen // SeaLegacy Co-Founder: National Geographic Photographer, Filmmaker and Conservation Storyteller

“The plight of the natural world can only be solved if we realign our values to respect the natural world. #ExtinctionEndsHere only if we can end the exploitation of and cruelty towards all wild creatures.“

Andy Mann

Andy Mann

@andy_mann // SeaLegacy Senior Fellow: Filmmaker, Photographer and Conservation Storyteller

"#ExtinctionEndsHere when we live by the morals of "what is good for the health of the earth is good for the human race" and not vice versa.”

Leah Thomas

@greengirlleah // Activist, Founder Intersectional Environmentalist

"#ExtinctionEndsHere when we realize people + the planet should be connected and humans are apart of this eco-system and many are endangered."


Hamish Daud Wyllie

@hamishdw // Indonesian Ocean Pride Co-Founder: Indonesian Marine Conservationist, TV Host

"#ExtinctionEndsHere because as temporary guests on this planet we have no right to ruin conditions for the next generation of humans & species of the world."



@raisa6690 // Singer

"#ExtinctionEndsHere when we realise that we are all connected & one simply cannot survive without the other."

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Cenit Nadir

@cenitch // GWC Ambassador, Model

"#ExtinctionEndsHere when we learn to work with nature instead of against it."



@renan_ozturk // National Geographic Photographer, The North Face Climber, Film-maker, Landscape Artist

"Our impact on this earth sometimes so destructive with the lifestyles society has dealt many of us. #ExtinctionEndsHere only if our species can realize some of the greater truths and make real sacrifices for the greater good."


Paul Hilton

@paulhiltonphoto // Wildlife Crimes Consultant, Photojournalist and Filmmaker

"#ExtinctionEndsHere we must respect all species, protecting them ferociously because ultimately all life, depends on it. Without the complexed web of life, we all die. It's that simple “


Sarah Wayne Callies

@sarahwaynecallies // Actress, Writer, Director

"My children need to know that the choices we are making honors their future and the future of the planet that gives them a home. We can make choices as a family to do our part so that #ExtinctionEndsHere."


Bryan Adams

@bryanadams // Singer/Songwriter, Environmentalist

"If you love animals don’t eat them. #ExtinctionEndsHere if you go vegan”



@shannonelizabeth // Actor, Activist, Conservationist, Vegan

"#ExtinctionEndsHere when we stop treating everything like a commodity that we can just take, torture and sell. This beautiful planet of ours is full of majestic fauna and flora that is to be admired and protected. If human greed does not stop, we’ll all cease to exist. We are one.”


Oliver Stark

@oliverstarkk // Actor

"#ExtinctionEndsHere when we collectively realize there is no higher calling than helping the planet, that gives us life, to thrive.”


Julie Chang

@trulyjuliechang // TV Journalist, Host, Storyteller & Conservationist

"One day? Or Day one? Our planet is signaling to us in every way possible that we have to take better ownership of our only home. #ExtinctionEndsHere if we start NOW. Inspiration has shallow roots, let's all find a way to take action today.”


Emily Tosta

@emilytosta // Actress

"#ExtinctionEndsHere when we learn that we are a part of nature and we must learn to live harmoniously with it, care for it, respect it, value it and protect it. It is our only home. We all have the ability to make changes and create better habits! Let's do it together!”

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Carmella Rose

@carmellarose // GWC Ambassador, Model, Activist

"#ExtinctionEndsHere when we take responsibility of what we owe back to the planet and all living beings.”

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Diandra Marizet

@diandramarizet // Co-Founder of Intersectional Environmentalist

"We must unlearn the sense of detachment we've been taught to have in our fight for each other + our planet. All life is deeply connected. #ExtinctionEndsHere”


Andrea Perez

@for_the_love_of_earth // Indigenous Environmental Justice Advocate

"Save Xochimilco. Support Indigenous communities, guardians of the earth’s biodiversity, and #ExtinctionEndsHere. Teteri tekari uximayatsika te ka hauyehwa takaka +ma memukaniere Wirikuta. No to the construction of mines on our sacred site Wirikuta.”


Aditi Mayer

@aditimayer // Sustainability x Social Justice Advocate, Photojournalist, Labor Rights Advocate, Sustainable Fashion Blogger

"Sustainability isn't about reinventing the wheel-- it's about a return to ancestral indigenous knowledge. #ExtinctionEndsHere”


Lauren Ritchie

@laurenaritchie // Climate Justice Activist, Founder of The Eco Gal, Writer, Model, and Podcast Host

"#ExtinctionEndsHere when we recognize that sustainability shouldn't be a luxury afforded only to a select few or the able-bodied and the upper class. It should be the choice an individual makes every day to do right by their fellow citizens and their planet whenever they have any choice at all.”


Kevin J. Patel

@imkevinjpatel // Intersectional Climate Justice Activist

"Climate change is a fact of life that people in cities around the world have to live with every day. It is a grave threat to our health, our environment, and our safety— and it shouldn’t be debatable or negotiable, so it’s important that we not only fight for people but we protect and fight for both plants and animals that are facing extinction. we ourselves need to start taking the necessary steps to change the world and support leaders making the difference. #ExtinctionEndsHere


Tyler Glass

@tylerwayneglass // Photographer, Writer, Activist

"Thrilled to be a part of the #ExtinctionEndsHere movement. We have so much work to do, but anything is possible if we work together.”